Core Fitness provides exemplary Fitness coaching to our clients, and assist them to exceed their personal goals. Core Fitness was started to offer its clients a solution, in line with their desire to be healthy. At Core Fitness we cater to those with fitness goals including weight loss/gain, specific athletic training, stress reduction, flexibility rehabilitation, post-injury and more.


Core Fitness is now offering Personalized Fitness Programs (PFP). Our Certified Fitness Professionals will help you to get on the right track to getting a healthier and more productive work out. Each PFP consist of Two visits with one of our Fitness Professionals. The first visit consists of an Initial Consultation, Postural Assessment, with Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching Tips. On the second visit, your Fitness Professional will provide you with a customized binder which will include your Personalized Workouts (including exercises, stretches and postural mobilizations), Nutritional Guide Lines, and Lifestyle Recommendations. After reviewing you PFP Binder, your Fitness Pro will take you through each portion of your program using hands on examples and demonstrations. Once you have your PFP, at anytime you have questions or concerns, call your Fitness Pro and receive six over the phone Advice and Consultations. The Goal of each Core Fitness Personalized Fitness Program is to Empower YOU, to getting your Mind and Body moving towards better Health and Happiness.


Core Fitness realizes that as part of your everyday life some clients enjoy the competition of playing golf. Golfers are in fact athletes and want to do everything possible to improve their game as well resulting in a better score card. Core Fitness addresses this situation by having on staff two Paul Chek Certified Golf Bio-mechanics. These trainers have specialized training to address the golf side of fitness to improve your score as well as enjoyment of the game.

Functional corrective exercise is the primary component we use at Core Fitness. The results of your assessment provide us with the proper information to effectively prescribe the appropriate exercises that will correct your postural deviations. It is these deviations that cause you to be in pain and move inefficiently, these result in roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. We identify and isolate the muscles that need to be re-educated and reintegrate them to move as one unit. The end result is a more efficiently and pain free moving body. Come in and allow one of Fitness Professionals to conduct your free assessment, it's the first step to a better life!


Core fitness offers Sports Specific training which starts with the basic need of every athlete. We will help in preparing you to compete and have confidence both on and off the field. Through training techniques such as: Over speed, Agility, and Strength training, Core Fitness can train all athletes whether Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, Lacrosse or any other sport. Everyone can benefit from the Core Fitness Sports Specific Training Program where every athlete is treated as an individual with programs designed with your specific sport and body in mind.


Core Fitness offers a unique service of nutritional guidance. Using our knowledge and computing programs we are able to offer nutritional counseling to our clients. This service is a one to one session with a member of our training's staff on an hourly basis.

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