• Only the best will do...

  •      At Core Fitness we take pride in offering only the highest quality of services, that's why we have only the best experienced and educated Trainers that are here to help you meet your goals. Our goal at Core Fitness is to have the finest trainers in the industry. Our Trainers utilize the training techniques developed and taught at the Chek Institute of Vista, California. The Chek Institute is the finest training facility in the world for not only personal trainers but doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and others. All our Core Fitness trainers have attended, or are scheduled to attend courses at the Chek Institute in the near future.

    Our goal is to instruct you if you were a 'World Class Athlete' where our training techniques translate to your everyday lifestyle. We also offer individual Yoga instruction using the latest and most advanced techniques in the industry.

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